Paddock Wood and Bereko Primary Schools

PWPS plaque
The link between Paddock Wood and Bereko Primary Schools started in 2007.  The friendship is strengthend by visits, which help to build strong relationships between teachers and help them understand life in Bereko better, so they are able to teach children in Paddock Wood about what they have experienced and seen.
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Paddock Wood teachers have visited Bereko in 2007, 2013 and 2016 and Laurencia (Bereko Head teacher) and Faith (Bereko teacher and church elder) from Bereko visited Paddock Wood in 2008.
Faith and Laurencia 2008
The parents and children from Paddock Wood Primary School send school uniforms to Bereko every year and these are distributed to the poorest of the children. It is a common sight and a real testament to the enduring friendship to see many children in Bereko wearing Paddock Wood Primary School uniforms.
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