Bereko Garden Group


In April 2019, we arranged and funded a two day visit for seven elders from Bereko to Livingstone Tanzania Trust, a community development charity based in nearby Babati.  

Livingstone Tanzania Trust is a UK charity and we have met with them in the UK and in Tanzania.  We visited a number of their projects in October 2018 and were inspired by all they are doing to support communities as they develop a variety of projects that bring financial and food sustainability. 

The elders were very encouraged by the visit and returned with a number of ideas for what could be achieved in Bereko.  They decided to start with an intensive agriculture project and have established the Bereko Garden Group.  Members include Zacharia Barajid (Ward Councillor), Halifa Kaita (Chair of the Bereko Sub Town Council), Rev Richard Suki, Salimu Mwahu, Head Teacher of Primary School, Anna Kimaro, Head Teacher of Kurasini Primary School and Mr Mwesi, Head Teacher of Secondary School

A site of one acre has been identified for the project and we are currently working with Livingstone Tanzania Trust on a budget and initial project management.



Milk production


Fish farming