Bereko sub Town Council

The Chair of Bereko Village Council is Halifa Kaita.

The Ward Councillor, Zacharia Barajid, was elected in 2016.  He is shown in the centre of the picture below in a multi coloured shirt.It is always a great pleasure to meet Mr Kaita and Mr Barajid, both good friends now, when we visit.
Bereko TC memberscropped
Bereko is within the Kondoa District and, formally speaking, its town council is a sub town council under the Kondoa District. 

Visitors from Paddock Wood are always made extremely welcome and we have been told to consider Bereko as our second home - which many of us do!

Bereko's Town Council is considering its response to the new road that has been built through the centre of the town. This tarmacked road connects Cape Town to Cairo and so will eventually become a major thoroughfare.  It will bring many new opportunities and also new risks for the town.  They anticipate the electricity will follow as the pylons come along with the road.

The road into Bereko, from the south.
Road coming into Bereko from t