Mascalls Academy

Archbishop of Tanzania with Lorraine Sinyard, during his visit to Mascalls Academy in 2014
Mascalls Academy has been involved with the Bereko link since 2008, when the then Headteacher, Vanessa Everett, started a routine of annual visits with groups of sixth formers in the summer holidays.  These visits were very thought provoking for the students and, even today, we hear of young men and women who are still impacted by their experiences in Bereko and the friendships they made.

Below is a picture of the world that Mascalls students painted on a wall at Bereko Secondary School in 2009.
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And here is a short 4 minute video made by the students after that trip.  This expains the joys of a visit more than any words can!

Assistant Principal, Jo Brooks, now leads on the Bereko link and she works closely with the Mascalls' Bereko Committee, whose members are students from year 11 upwards.  We anticipate that at least four sixth form students will visit Bereko in October 2020.  This is an exciting time as the school has not been able to visit since 2013, when Lorraine Sinyard (then Head of Social Care) and a student visited Bereko.

That student also produced an inspirational video. All the music in the video was recorded while in Tanzania.