Kikilo church

Kikilo is within the Bereko parish but not nearby by UK standards!  It is a three hour walk away or about a half an hour drive. The church is led on a day to day basis by Yohana Robert, a catechist who works closely with Rev Richard Suki within the parish.  The local tribe is Wairaqw.  They worked hard to make the bricks to build their church and are now working on the construction of a clergy house.

2016 11 01 1593 The church family has become expert in making palm crosses which are sold in the UK as an entreprise to raise funds for their work.  In 2019, they made 15,000 crosses of excellent quality and hope to be able to expand this in future years. This picture shows the crosses being delivered into Bereko by bicycle. Yohana Robert is wearing the red shuka.
211018 Kikilo (15)
This video shows Wairaqw dancing in a church service. Wonderful worship!