Bereko Secondary School

Bereko Secondary Schoolb
The Head Master, Ibrahim Mwesi, is shown kneeling at the front with Robin Hammerton (a member of St Andrew's and a UK schools' inspector).

Behind them are the Chair of the school Board (centre), Rev'd Canon Bryan Knapp (far right), Rev Richard Suki (rear) and some of the school governors, including Sister Anna from the Little Sisters of Mercy Roman Catholic Convent.

Below right is the motto of Bereko Secondary school: Love, Unity and Peace .

Bereko Secondary SchoolBereko Secondary Schoola
Bereko Secondary School is a community of 363 students, twelve teaching staff, and one non teaching staff.  The school board has eight governors. The school sits on a large site of 57 hectares and has 10 class rooms, 3 laboratories, and 1 administration block. The school year comprises two five month terms.

A new dormitory block has been built, which will allow female students, from villages that are too far away to be day students, to be accomodated as boarders. To date though the block remains empty. We have been able to support the purchase of six bunk beds but, other than that, the block still needs fitting out.

The picture below shows Bereko's Ward Councillor, Zacharia Barajid standing outside one of the new dormitory blocks and below that is a picture of the bed bays inside. 


Text books donated by Mascalls Academy in 2016.

Bereko Secondary Schoolc

Bereko students in their new uniforms, donated by Mascalls Academy, in 2016.Mascalls uniforms