Paddock Wood and Bereko Town Councils

The town councils formally sealed their friendship in October 2012 at a church service at St Andrew's. Bishop Given Gaula, Bishop of Kondoa, was preaching and Mr Chabaka Kilamanga, the Deputy High Commissioner of Tanzania and colleagues joined in the celebration and signed a formal friendship agreement on behalf of Bereko Town Council and Cllr Sarah Hamilton, then Chair of the Town Council signed on behalf of Paddock Wood.  Other guests included borough councillors, town councillors, representatives from Mascalls Secondary School and Paddock Wood Primary School. During the service the schools and the church were interviewed about what they had gained from the link.  The Mascalls choir sang and Paddock Wood Primary School children gave a magnificent display of African drumming.
Elizabeth ThomasRay Moon
The chair of Paddock Wood Town Council is Cllr Elizabeth Thomas and the councillor who overseas the friendship with Bereko and represents the Town Council on the Bereko Community Partnership is Cllr Ray Moon.

In Bereko, there were local elections in 2016.  The new ward councillor, Zacharia Barajid is well known to us and we were able to congratulate him in person in October 2016.  He is shown in the centre of the photo below in a multi coloured shirt.

Bereko is within the Kondoa District and, formally speaking, its town council is a sub town council under the Kondoa District.  Since the elections, there are also many new members of the Bereko sub Town Council.  The new Chair is Halifa Kaita (shown in the middle of the photo below in a black shirt). When we visited in October 2016 we were made extremely welcome and told to consider Bereko as our second home - which many of us do!

Bereko's Town Council has many challenges.  There is currently a drought and much hunger in the town, the second Primary School needs another classroom as the next year's intake comes in, the health centre needs another ward if it is to attract a government doctor and the government is in the process of building a substantial road right through the centre of the town. This will bring many new opportunities and also many new risks for the town.  They anticipate the electricity will follow as the pylons come along with the road.

The women councillors have proudly told us they are setting up a women’s football club and we very much look forward to supporting the team on our next visit!Bereko TC memberscropped
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