A community fish lake for Bereko

Bereko road constructionWe have received excellent news from the China Railway Seventh Group, which is now improving and tarmacking the road from Mela to Bonga, in the Dodoma region of Tanzania.  This road travels through the middle of Bereko (see photo on the left, taken in October 2016). They have offered to use their expertise and equipment to re-build a community fish lake for Bereko.

This fish lake was built some years ago and worked very well, filling up during the rainy seasons and then being kept topped up by a spring under the lake.  But one year there was a very heavy rain and the lake burst its banks.

Now the China Railway Seventh Group have offered to deepen and strengthen the dam so that the fish lake can be used again.  The fish will provide a much needed source of protein for people in Bereko.

We are so very grateful to the China Railway Seventh Group who also donated nearly ten cubic meters of concrete for the construction of the new Health Centre and are planning to donate school items for the students of Bereko Primary School in April.

Work on the dam started on Saturday 1 April.  We are looking forward to receiving photographs as the work progresses and these will be posted on this website as they arrive.

2 April 2017

Bereko fish lake area