About Bereko

The parish of Bereko includes the town of Bereko and the neighbouring village Kikilo, a 3 hour walk to the south..

Bereko is in the north of the Kondoa Diocese and District and sits 4,000 feet up in the mountains on the east of the Rift Valley.  It is a very beautiful area with Mount Babati visible in the distance.
Bereko with key places
The 2012 census tell us that the population of Bereko at that time was 7,226 and Kikilo's population was 9,318.  Bereko is spread out over the hill but it is still less sparse than Kikilo, below, which covers a wider area and so seems less densely populated, even though the statistics tell a different story.
Kikilo 2

The roads are unmade although the main Cape Town to Cairo road runs through the centre of Bereko and has recently been tarmacked.  We anticipate that electricity will be connected soon as it now runs alongside the road.

Being on the main road between Arusha and Dodoma and, more locally, Babati and Kondoa, Bereko has great potential to be a hub village for the area.  It has two primary schools, a special needs primary school and one secondary school.

Bereko's sub town council has been working with the government to build a new health centre facility.  There are also two dispensaries: the government dispensary provides maternity care and the safina dispensary run by the local Roman Catholic Convent, the Little Sisters of Mercy, provides medical care.